Since moving to the area, I regularly visit the Dynevor Arms.

The food is hearty country pub fare and wonderful value for money.

The staff are friendly and helpful.

I would recommend the pub to anyone.

Gethin Jenkins

Wales rugby 

I have been a frequent visitorto the Dynevor Arms for over three years now and aside from the wonderful atmosphere

the great beers, delicious food,the amazing landlord and landlady,The Dynevor has been a real haven for me which allows me to get away from it all, think ,work things through and just sit back and relax in peace and quiet. Wherever I am in the country touring with my band, I always look forward to getting back, supping some wonderful ale and letting the world carry on with its business while I enjoy the cozy, quiet tranquility that is the Dyvevor Arms.

Matt Cohen.

The Reasoning / Comet Music

It's the atmosphere, chatter and sounds of laughter that greets me whenever I enter the Dynevor Arms. I find it is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day.

There is always that friendly welcome from mine hosts Paul & Pauline to make your visit seem something special.

Drinks are served by friendly staff and is always accompanied by welcoming banter that makes me immediately feel at home.

The bar has many characters for conversation and resolving any current worldly crisis!

To give my wife that break from the kitchen and to celebrate family occasions, it is a pleasure to dine at the Dynevor. The food has that 'home cooked' appeal and being a gardener who grows all his own vegetables, it is a real challenge to satisfy my taste buds.

This great value food leaves me contented without straining the wallet.

Terry Walton

BBC radio gardener